FOLORUNSHO, is a Freetown based creative collective, formed in 2011 by 20 young men aged 14-22, who were living under horrendous circumstances in a gutter called LION BASE, in the central part of Freetown – Sierra Leone. The LION BASE crew personifies the transformation from – a ‘struggle for existence’ to ‘creator of one’s own life,’ transforming the ‘impossible’ to I’M POSSIBLE.

The boys’ individual biographies are eventful and each one of them provides a glimpse into an extraordinary reality that serves as an inspiration for many. They have lived through civil war, personal tragedies and poverty. They have mastered an existence dominated by violence and crime when living in the streets, emerging to international fashion designers by tapping into their pure innate creativity not tainted by any influence of popular culture and mass media. The result – the most outstanding creations.

Their international fashion collaborations have been featured in the media and selected locations around the world such as COLETTE in Paris and SOTO in Berlin.

All proceeds from the sale of the products go directly to the FOLORUNSHO creative collective to provide themselves with an education and adequate living conditions for the first time in their lives.

“It’s not about charity. It’s all about SHARITY!”

FOLORUNSHO = born under the eye of God (in Yoruba)