K1X Lionbase Book


LION BASE is a documentary photo book that provides an intimate perspective at the raw life in the streets of Freetown, Sierra Leone documenting the life of 20 youth that were living under horrendous circumstances in a gutter called LION BASE. The books stunning imagery invites you into a reality that many are unable to imagine. It follows the life of these youth and shows their development: emerging from a life of violence and crime in the streets into forming the creative collective *FOLORUNSHO. It shows the emergence from a ‘struggle for existence’ to ‘creator of one’s own life’ by overcoming boundaries and obstacles and transforming the ‘impossible’ to I’M POSSIBLE.

The book features images by acclaimed photographer Barron Claiborne and cinematographer Shawn Peters as well as Mallence Bart-Williams which chronicle the boys’ lives and their stories.

All proceeds from the sale of the book go directly to the *FOLORUNSHO creative collective. With every book that you purchase you actively support their ongoing education, feeding and shelter.

The book is available in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo, OFR, Black Rainbow, Presence Africaine and L’Harmattan. In Berlin the LION BASE book is available at the Tucholsky book store. In New York the book is being sold at the Powerhouse Arena and Miss Lily’s.

Alternatively you can order it in our store.